E-mail from Kerry Robichaux, 06/21/2005

[This e-mail was sent to Nigel Tomes and the list of co-workers to whom Nigel had addressed his questions.]

Note: In the original Kerry Robichaux used blue text to make it easier to follow his answers. Because of printing considerations, we have decided to use italics for Nigel's questions and regular type for Kerry's responses.

Dear Brother Nigel,

Thank you for your email. Since you address it directly to me in part, I thought I should reply directly and give you an answer to each of your questions. My answers follow your questions below and are in blue for easier reading.

I hope my answers will offer some acceptable response to your queries. Of course, I realize that I am just one brother answering, but I did not want your questions to go unnoticed and, even worse, unanswered. I hope that the other brothers will also offer their responses to you.

Much grace to you,